For Record Suspension, Pardon and Application Assistance


Service Price:

  • $75 plus HST (Fingerprints only, includes RCMP fee)
  • $400 + HST (Full application does not include fingerprints, RCMP fee or Parole Board of Canada fee and disbursements)

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence in Canada, you might be eligible to apply for a record suspension/pardon depending upon the offence, method of proceeding, time passed since sentence, and satisfaction of payment of all fines and court costs. Gambit Fingerprinting can process any criminal record check for the purpose of applying for a record suspension/pardon.

Expertly trained to process your application, Gambit Fingerprinting's staff will ensure the documentation is completed properly and all requirements are met. Prior to making the submission, your criminal record will be reviewed to confirm you are eligible and do in fact require a record suspension/pardon.

Information for Ontario and B.C. residents applying for a record suspension/pardon

Recent court decisions have altered the requirements for residents of Ontario and B.C. in relation to the record suspension/pardon process. Eligibility related to time frames for some individuals has changed dramatically, and people who were previously ineligible might be eligible now.

Using the subject line, Record Suspension/Pardon Request, email us at to determine if you are eligible to apply for a record suspension/pardon, or call 613-702-0491.

We guarantee you will not be charged for services you do not require.

You must bring two (2) pieces of valid, government-issued identification to your fingerprinting appointment, one of which must be primary ID.


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