For U.S. Travel Waiver / Foreign Visa


Service Price:

  • $75 plus HST (Fingerprints only, includes RCMP fee)
  • $400 + HST (Full application does not include fingerprints, RCMP fee or Department of Homeland Security fee and disbursements)

Information sharing between the governments of Canada and the United States exists to promote the safety and security of all Canadians. The unfortunate byproduct of this process is thousands of Canadians are being denied entry because of past criminal convictions. Even those who have previously obtained a pardon or record suspension are not exempt, as the United States does not recognize the result.

Gambit Fingerprinting can process your criminal record verification to complete the steps necessary to allow you to make the appropriate application to the United States Department of Homeland Security for a United States Travel Waiver. A similar process is conducted to obtain a Foreign Visa.

You must bring two (2) pieces of valid, government-issued identification to your fingerprinting appointment, one of which must be primary ID.


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For U.S. Travel Waiver / Foreign Visa