Gambit ID CheckTM


Gambit ID CheckTM is an advanced, FREE web application that streamlines management of the security screening and clearance process for company and department security officers, HR specialists, recruitment firms, private companies, immigration lawyers, adoption agencies and volunteer associations.

The program allows users to electronically invite applicants to schedule a fingerprinting appointment or criminal record check, and then monitor the entire process.

Gambit ID CheckTM is the only software available that has automated the Government of Canada's new Contract Security Program, which requires all contract employees to obtain digital fingerprints, and made the process completely paperless.

Gambit ID Check Screenshot


Forever Free

There are absolutely no membership or subscription fees for security officers or HR specialists to use the app.

Broad Service Offering

We provide multiple background check services under one convenient platform.

Monthly Invoicing

Keep your accounting simple and efficient with our bulk billing services.

Custom Solutions

We custom tailor solutions to best serve your specific needs.

Real-Time Tracking

Allows the administrator to track applicant’s progress in real time.

Built for Speed

Simplifies and speeds up the process for everyone involved.


Manage the entire process without leaving your desk.