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Gambit Fingerprinting Releases Gambit ID Check

By Gambit Fingerprinting   OTTAWA, Ontario - Feb. 13, 2017

Gambit Fingerprinting, an RCMP accredited fingerprinting company based in Canada's National Capital Region (NCR), has released Gambit ID Check™: a free web application that streamlines obtaining employee background checks by allowing Security Officers and HR specialists to electronically invite applicants to schedule fingerprinting and criminal record check appointments and then montior the entire process, from the location they pick to be fingerprinted at to the exact moment they are fingerprinted.

Regarding the importance of such a tool, the company's CEO and CTO Kory McAndrew said, "Gambit ID Check™ is a game changer for CSOs [Company Security Officers] and SOs [Security Officers]. Rather than trying to manage their employee security clearances using email and phone calls, they can now view the entire workflow through a very nice looking web application and receive notifications during different points in the workflows".

A tool like Gambit ID Check™ has even more importance now that fingerprinting volume has increased due to the Government of Canada's new Contract Security Program that requires that all contractors be fingerprinted as part of the security screening and clearance process. Mr. McAndrew explains, "The Contract Security Program introduced the requirement that all contractors for the Government of Canada must be fingerprinted and obtain the unique twenty digit number assigned to their fingerprints, the Document Control Number (DCN), prior to starting the securty screening or clearance process. Gambit ID Check™ removes all room for error and delays in the DCN being communicated from the fingerprinting office to the applicant and then from the applicant to the CSO or SO".

Any Company Security Officers or Security Officers wishing to use the Gambit ID Check™ can sign up for free at the Gambit Fingerprinting website:

About Gambit Fingerprinting

Gambit Fingerprinting is an identification services and biometric company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Their flagship products are Gambit ID Check™ and Gambit ID Scan™. Gambit ID Check™ allows both private and public organizations to manage and monitor their employee and contractor criminal record verifications and security clearances. Gambit ID Scan™ is an integrated RCMP certified solution that is used to digitize fingerprints and send them electronically to the RCMP for the purposes of criminal record verifications.