In the Know

You (might) have a criminal record. How to know and reduce its impact.

Many people are confused about what it means to have a criminal record. The most commonly accepted belief is a criminal record contains criminal record information maintained in the national repository of criminal records under the authority of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There is also information held in all police services Records Management Systems that may be the same or additional to what is found on the criminal record provided by the RCMP upon completion of a fingerprint-based verification.

Gambit Fingerprinting's staff is expertly trained on what constitutes a criminal record along with knowing the avenues that may be at your disposal to reduce the personal effect of having a criminal record. We will review your record if requested and provide you with options where available.

Using the subject line, Criminal Record Request, email us at to learn if you have a criminal record and what course of action can be taken to reduce its personal effect, or call 613-702-0491.

We guarantee you will not be charged for services you do not require.