For Adoption and Kinship


Service Price: $75 plus HST (includes RCMP fee)

Many people are not aware adoptions do not meet the requirements for a Vulnerable Sector Verification under the authority granted by the Criminal Records Act. Gambit Fingerprinting can process fingerprint-based verifications for all people in the process of adopting a child.

As per the RCMP website, it is strongly suggested a fingerprint-based verification is conducted for these application types, as it is the sole means for determining if a sexually based offence for which a person has received a record suspension can be determined.

What is Kinship Adoption?

Kinship adoption pertains to children who are adopted by a relative, someone related to the child by family ties or through a prior relationship connection. Placement with relatives or kin is often the first option considered by workers in foster care when children cannot safely remain in their parents’ home or cannot be reunited with them. Kinship families often have different needs and face different challenges than families who adopt children unrelated to them.

You must bring two (2) pieces of valid, government-issued identification to your fingerprinting appointment, one of which must be primary ID.


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For Adoption and Kinship