Why Our International Fingerprinting Service Is Better

Fully Automated

Our system automatically generates and sends notifications to you by email.

Faster by Design

Automation and smart software make quick work of the complete process.

You Can Pay Online!

We have eliminated the traditional, manual method of payment.

Track Your Status

View your application's progress from start to finish in real time.

More Affordable

Our efficient and expedient process is easier on your wallet as a result.

Start the Process Now!

If you are living abroad and want to begin processing your Canadian Criminal Record Check immediately, please complete and submit the adjoining form to receive step-by-step instructions and all required documentation by email. As another option, using the subject line, International Fingerprinting Request, email us at, or call 1-877-870-0104.

Service Price: $125 CAD plus HST (does not include $25 RCMP fee)

Gambit Fingerprinting Service's international fingerprinting service is tailored for Canadians and non-Canadians living abroad who require an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check.

Common applications include domestic and international permanent residency and citizenship, foreign employment and schooling, and travel visas.

To begin the process, applicants must have ink fingerprints taken at a police station or accredited fingerprinting agency in their part of the world. Gambit Fingerprinting digitizes the fingerprints taken outside of Canada and submits them to the RCMP. Once the criminal record check has been completed by the RCMP, the results are mailed back to the requested destination.

If there is NO match to an RCMP fingerprint record, the result is mailed after three business days or less. If there is a match to a criminal record, or the fingerprints need to be processed manually, the processing time can increase up to 120 days or longer. The RCMP headquarters is located in Ottawa and mail is sent through regular post. Therefore, the delivery time can vary greatly depending on the location of the return address.

For an additional charge, to speed up the process, applicants can choose to have the results of the criminal record check mailed directly to Gambit, who will immediately courier the results to the requested destination.