Ink and Roll


Service Price: $50 CAD (includes RCMP fee)

Gambit Fingerprinting is equipped to process high quality ink and roll fingerprints on a standard C-216c form or on an FBI fingerprint card (FD-258) to individuals requiring this process to conduct criminal record checks in the US or other parts of the world.

While most applicants have their fingerprints taken digitally, traditional ink and roll fingerprints are required for foreign police checks, certain high-level Canadian security screenings, and individuals whose fingerprints are judged to be too poor (lacking definition) for electronic submission.

Gambit Fingerprinting's staff can also capture fingerprints in an electronic format and digitize and print them on the same forms indicated above.

Using the subject line, Ink and Roll Fingerprinting Request, email us at to receive step-by-step instructions and the forms needed to begin the process, or call 613-702-0491.

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