Contract Security Program


On February 1, 2017, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police retired name-based criminal record checks for Federal Government of Canada contract employment. These name-based checks have been replaced with a new and more reliable fingerprinting process. Digital fingerprints are now required for all levels of personnel security screening and clearances for Federal Government of Canada contract employment including:

  • Reliability Status
  • Secret
  • Top Secret

Expected Process vs Gambit ID CheckTM Solution

Expected Process

The process for obtaining fingerprints for the Contract Security Program is paper-based. In this current process, a 20-digit Document Control Number (DCN) must be handwritten on the application form, provided to the CSO, and then manually input into the OLISS system. This may lead to human error in copying the DCN.

Our Solution

Using our free web application, Gambit ID CheckTM, a CSO no longer needs to worry. The Fingerprints Applicant Request Form - Contract Security Program is now electronically generated and emailed to the CSO. The generated form is OLISS-compatible, which means a CSO can simply copy and paste the DCN, eliminating the possibility for human error.

Gambit ID Check Laptop

Gambit ID CheckTM

Our free web application enhances the Contract Security Program by providing the following features:

  • No face-to-face contact is required between the CSO and applicant
  • CSO is able to monitor the applicant's progress
  • CSO can see when applicant's fingerprints have been taken, and instantaneously receive an OLISS-compatible electronic copy of the DCN
  • Completely paperless process
  • Bulk billing and monthly invoicing solutions