Gambit ID ScanTM

Developed from the ground up to be extremely efficient, Gambit ID ScanTM is an integrated live scan and card scan solution that is easier to use, compatible with a greater range of hardware, more mobile-friendly, and significantly less costly to operate than comparable offerings.

When combined with Gambit ID WorkflowTM, the ensemble allows the complete fingerprinting process to be managed with unprecedented efficiency, ease, compatibility, mobility, savings, and security.

RCMP-certified Live Scan and Card Scan Solution


Simplified Training

Because our solution is significantly easier to use, it’s easier to learn.

One Platform

Our single app does the job of several bolted on or stitched together products or programs.

Intuitive and Agile

Logical, step-by-step process that eliminates excess as you proceed.

Photos as Required

Does not force operator to take applicant’s photo if not required.

Just What You Need

Removes fields not required based on transaction type.


Does not force the operator to learn complex rules or follow extra steps.


No need to install or update software on your PC.


Livescan and Cardscan components share the same general workflow.